Lucknow, India



Whenever I scroll my gallery, I always get fascinated by this picture. It’s like as if there is some magnificent charm in it which always draws my attention. Maybe it’s because of the time when I captured it. Just a mere glance of it, takes me back through the memory lane. When I was pretty little to travel alone (that too, via train) but strong enough to handle, manage and do it. I still remember the time when I pounced in there, it was all so pure especially morally and religiously. I was just hypnotized by the spiritual aura which guided me through and about the place. I was not at all familiar with the place but my legs were moving on their own, I had no control over them. The walls and stairs and ceilings were talking to me. Stairs were bragging about their stiffness and how strongly they bear human weights upon them, that too since centuries, ages and historic time. Ceilings and walls were complaining as they always get tattooed by some romeo-juliet but nobody ceases to notice their condition. They told me, people never listen to them they just scratch. I felt their morbidity, I saw them getting alliterated in front of my eyes.

It was surprising that I gathered frith and emotions from something which lacked vitality. This picture never fails to give me peace and feels. 🙂