Dearest books



Dearest books,

you have conquered all my nooks.

Why are you so fascinating?

I can’t escape from your web of words which too is very captivating.

Whenever I hold you close to my arms,

you attach a string to my heart just like a farmer does to his farms.

I love your pages, their words and curves,

they always ignite and enthuse my mind and make their purpose serve.

You have seen all shades of me;

like when you made me cry,

which made my life totally wry.

Remember when you made me laugh so hard,

when the protagonist shouted a fucktard.

You reflect people’s mind and work,

which never fails to inspire me and for which I can travel to York.

I love you to the infinity and beyond,

this love of ours is a forever bond. 🙂


Hello sky!



I was always fond of clouds, I still am. It’s like a whole new world exists up there which isn’t known to anyone, which can never be conquered by any power that humanity possess. Sky with it’s infinite and independent colours is like a light of dazzling brilliancy to me. There lies a certain serenity and tranquility in the lively and virgorous shades of the clouds which is a forever fancy to eyes. 🙂

IMG_20150816_191002-1 IMG_20150816_191735-1

Pour of peace



I saw the nimbus approaching,

it was wicked in it’s destructive power.

I thought, I should bow down,

as it wasn’t meant for shower.

I ran restlessly and left myself in the cellar,

then suddenly it became numb and calm.

I came out and found the cloud all reclusive,

I stood there giving my company and palm.

He told me he wasn’t a grim reaper,

but a chivalric spark.

After all, clouds too have silver lightening,

they aren’t always dark.

Then he opened his wings of water; and roared as if he owned that moment,

my ears went lifeless but they didn’t torment.

He danced elegantly splashing water here and there,

few drops landed on my palm which still I stare.

He bid me adieu and hugged me with his arms of peace,

I went to oblivion and curtain of life fell which I never cease.