Write to Shout


Love love love! I had to share it! ❤


Write to Shout

When all is black


And in the grave

One can hear in the stillness of the night

The scratching beat of my heart

That allows me to write

My thoughts on pure fresh paper

Adding the whispers of my soul

Layer by layer:

“You write me out

Til there’s no sight about

But you keep me trapped

Within my own shouts

I want to be completely free

Free to be

But you only keep me here

On paper, where me you can only see

I’m only in one dimension

I want to go 3-D

Where people can not only see

But hear

Hear about overcoming fear

To learn to cheer when they look into the mirror

For you wear your mouth like a closed zipper

You won’t share your vision aloud

No, not even a whisper

It’s one thing to write

And another to shout


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