Class teacher


After passing my 11th standard with decent grades I was over the top excited for my 12th class. It usually happens with everyone, getting excited over silly things like guessing the class teacher. I mean a day prior to the first I used to gather with my friends in order to calculate, reckon, compute and above all to guess the class teacher. As I was super excited, I made myself triply sure that I packed my bag PROPERLY, polished my shoes etc. After boarding the bus I met my friends, that too after a gap of two boring and slothful months which we usually get after the end of every session (which our teachers always assumed as summer vacations and which provoke them to cut our ACTUAL vacations short). So where was I? yeahh, after sharing and exchanging hundred GBs of information on how boring my so-called holidays went, I occupied the front seat and like every other student waited anticipately for the one, who will bear us throughout the year and who, we will tolerate. After a couple of minutes of waiting she entered. All our calculations went in vain because in school as in life unexpected always takes the front door. After the introduction our class became familiar with the teacher although, she was kind of straight forward which often led to us getting scolded by her in almost all the way possible but she never used her hands on us. Initially, I didn’t like her at all but as the days and months passed, there came a lot of incidents which shaped and altogether changed my perception about her. Like when she handled our class espically me just like a friend. I still remember the time when I was all in tears over my defeat related to some shitty post. she held my hands and consoled me in the best way possible. Also, She is the reason I am still best friends with my three classmates. She may be a constant nag but I know she is good at heart. Her name is Vineeta (ma’am). She is a good woman.
And I like her, my class teacher. Life seems to be all sorted when we’re with her.
Oh, here’s wishing all the teachers out there a very happy teachers’ day. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Class teacher

  1. monica Rajput

    Hey vry nyc post all dis reminded me of my days in school specially d 12th class 😉 used to hate them fr no reason!But today they are the reason for all the good things that came to me!!! Yr Du Mei admission mil gya or kya chahiye 😉 🙂 Ya i knw its nt a prestigious one but still m happy! A note of Thanks goes to all my teachers u have been there for me all the time

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