Healing is a process. It’s not something that happens overnight and like growth, it’s not always linear. One day you might feel strong and the next, you may feel like you’ve regressed, once again surrendering to your sadness. We all heal differently and depending on our personalities and experiences, it will naturally vary. Often, the deeper the wound, the more time it will take to heal. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves, placing a timeframe on our healing. We wonder: When will I finally heal? Why have I not healed yet? What’s wrong with me? Be patient and gentle with yourself. True emotional and spiritual healing can only occur in a space of love and serenity. When we have compassion and patience for ourselves, our healing will begin to emerge. We all have some healing to do at different points in our lives. At times we may need the help of others but often, we can align ourselves with the strength and intuition that is already within us. Let’s take time to listen to our inner voice, the voice of our truest selves. Pray. Meditate. Or be still. If we can tap into our innate wellness, it will give us the answers we need and guide us in our healing. We will gain inspiration and insight, which will leads us in the right direction. We will understand that we are doing our best. Some days we take steps forward and on other days, we stumble. And that’s okay! We’re still becoming. We’re still healing. The soul knows how to heal. We simply have to be patient.
(found this whole thing on instagram, thought I should share it) 🙂


6 thoughts on “Healing

  1. In my opinion Khushboo, wounds that heal take no time to vanish. But their are wounds that don’t heal.They are there, always present inside. They can fade with time but they become fresh at other times. You write beautifully! Keep it up.

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    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. I’ll get back to your blog later as right now I’m not able to follow back. And yeah! I agree but there are certain things that do vanish over a period of time. “Time is the biggest healer” as people call it. 🙂


  2. Jesus is the Healer. There are hurts which takes time to heal and may never be easy to forget. It does take much time. But there are hurts which we become free from that same moment: like we had a brother who failed to fulfil a minor task and this may be exactly like having a hand of ours rub a hot stove and we pull out at once. We feel the pain but it goes within minutes. And there’s a hurt like the sprained ankle which takes some time to heal. And there are hurts like this (2) which needs proper attention if not we mayn’t experience a true healing.

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