Versatile Blogger Award!!



I love blogging. I love my blog. I love my fellow bloggers. I love every darn thing about this wordpress. *screams*

dazzlingtwilightfirefly nominated me for this award. Girl, I so love you. I really adore your posts, I hope you continue to write and shine. 🙂 More love to you.

Okay, So I have to add 7 facts about me and nominate further!

  1. I’m RETARD!
  2. I say “Duh” and “blah” a lot. Don’t ask me why because I too am clueless about it.
  3. I love watching twinkling stars, chirping trees and everything-nature.
  4. I’m very clumsy and reckless because I’m young. (lame reason? I know)
  5. There are times when I get very insecure and there are times when I think I’m the most fabulous girl on this planet, mood swings maybe? (Consider that a fact)
  6. I believe in karma. You know, “let karma sort the shit out” game.
  7. I’m a multiple fandom threat. I’m a fangirling mess. I love Miley, Taylor, Selena, Calvin Harris (god, he is so hot), Justin Timberlake (ah! he is so dreamy), Jamie Dornan (damn, his body), Ryan Reynolds and many more. Oh! How can I forget my all time favourite TV series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” and “Sherlock”. I mean, Benidect Cumberbatch just slays it. And David, Courtney, Matt, Mathhew, Lisa and Jennifer are just WOW. Oh god, this fandom is crazy.

#I nominate every blogger out there. This is my shout out to you. Trust me I’m not being lazy. You guys are just perfect. I love you loads. And then a little more. xo


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