So, anyway.

I’m so good when it comes to procrastination that I can even procrastinate the procrastination itself.

See, I just procrastinated the whole thing of writing about procrastination.

Why is everything so procrastinated in my life.

I don’t like procrastination.

Why am I saying procrastination again and again?!





Hi everyone!

It has been long since I posted something as I was busy with the preparation of my exam, which is just one month away. So I just need your blessings and please pray for me that I come out with flying colours, as this is THE most crucial time which will ultimately decide my future, courses and what not. I’m so so nervous. I just hope that I do good.

I’ll catch you guys on 31st of march which will mark the end of my school life. (Oh god, time is running too fast). I’ll be super free by then.

Lots of love. ❤