So, anyway.

I’m so good when it comes to procrastination that I can even procrastinate the procrastination itself.

See, I just procrastinated the whole thing of writing about procrastination.

Why is everything so procrastinated in my life.

I don’t like procrastination.

Why am I saying procrastination again and again?!



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  1. This was a very entertaining read! But I do suggest that you stop procrastinating…tomorrow.

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    1. Haha procrastinating all the way.

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  2. Joana Salazar says:

    I know the feeling lol

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  3. JD says:

    Haha, I think we are related 😛 my mom says I am the baap of procrastination 😀

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    1. Cheers to our slothful procrastination! 😀

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