Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 4/23/16


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It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!

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See ya on Monday!!

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There are days when you just can’t do anything else. I mean, whenever you try to busy yourself with something your mind wanders back to some or the other thing. In my case it’s my cousins. Let me get this very straight, last summer they stayed at my place for one month and from then on I miss them like crazy.

The late night talks which used to end at 6 in the morning (sometimes even in the noon), the art of abusing each other profusely and lavishly, dressing up for no reason or whatsoever, dancing like monsters and drunkards, gossiping like grannies, fighting as if we were one of the superstars of WWE and lastly, eating as if we were going to have a hunger strike tomorrow. Ah, I miss those days of endless nonsense-ramblings. I miss them. A lot.


Shivangi and Vaishali, I love you. 


Jammu, India


  • There is this spry feeling that you get, when you visit some place or spend time with someone. It is, trust me the best feeling. You get filled with so much of youthfulness like that of a traveler who never reaches her destination, where you just feel like running with your arms all open, fresh air kissing your face and soothing every shed of your soul. You feel unruffled and serene. You are left with nothing but your weathered soul. And I experienced just that, when I visited Jammu this new year.

    Jammu is a place where your life gets sorted and becomes simple as soon as you step there. Reason being nothing but it’s people and nature. I spent my new years there and it was undoubtedly the best experience. The way nature cast an enchanting spell on you, you just look all awe-eyed capturing every glimpse of it, like you were to go blind tomorrow. Places like these, where you feel invisible, inaccessible and acquire anonymity with just a gentle current of fresh air, you feel like hugging it’s abstracticity with whole of your body and never ever letting it go anywhere, nowhere. Your catch on life changes in direction: from an emphasis on verisimilitude towards abstraction.

    Apart from fascinating nature, I saw huge turbulent trucks, massive clamorous machines that didn’t please my eyes at all. They were digging and digging and digging and I remember that feeling, which you get when you draw something beautiful and get up to pack your colours and brushes up and bingo! your stupid knee hit the glass of water which vomit it’s filthy contents onto your art. You feel disgusted and helpless because you can’t do anything, after all it was you who kept that glass of water for the sake of drinking it but never did. Similarly, we are the ones who beg for development and ruin nature like petty thieves. Some of the pictures are of my uncle’s, please like his page he is awesome. Click Here