There are days when you just can’t do anything else. I mean, whenever you try to busy yourself with something your mind wanders back to some or the other thing. In my case it’s my cousins. Let me get this very straight, last summer they stayed at my place for one month and from then on I miss them like crazy.

The late night talks which used to end at 6 in the morning (sometimes even in the noon), the art of abusing each other profusely and lavishly, dressing up for no reason or whatsoever, dancing like monsters and drunkards, gossiping like grannies, fighting as if we were one of the superstars of WWE and lastly, eating as if we were going to have a hunger strike tomorrow. Ah, I miss those days of endless nonsense-ramblings. I miss them. A lot.


Shivangi and Vaishali, I love you. 



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