Life on 28 July, 2016


Admission at Delhi university sucks. I went back and forth to this college and that college and this college and that college and I am tired, already.

They say, what is destined will come to you no matter what. I couldn’t have agreed more to it. I was relaxed when I got a decent college but this thing called ‘fifth cutoff’ took my life by Storm, life changed like this. I got the college where I wanted to get myself enrolled from the very first day. Ah, that feel.

My college is legit and class mates are pretty jolly and chirpy. Professors are so darn passionate about their subjects, which is fascinating. Eeps! Let’s see where it goes. Life is good. Also, Delhi is a good place and I am freaking all by myself. I am learning (trying) to manage my things and stuff. I get this weird anxiety every now and then and initially I felt a bit homesick but anyway, happens. See you later. Bye!