It’s sad 

​Isn’t it sad when people say things straight to your face that you would have never said if you were them? 

Isn’t it sad when people don’t even think once before doing stuff which you would have never done if you were them? 

Isn’t it sad when you just can’t retort, thinking your retorsion might upset someone? 

Maybe you’re just too good a person or maybe people are too bad for you or maybe it’s all just sad.

I think, it’s all just sad.


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  1. Kumar Harsh says:

    Maybe the good has to always be overshadowed by the bad. But the bad is there so that we may appreciate the good.

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    1. I see no point of being bad to other for no good reason whatsoever.


  2. Shahz says:

    I does hurt a lot to take it from someone who you’d never thought would stab you with.

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    1. I know right?
      Morbidity is inevitable, they say.

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      1. Shahz says:

        Sad but true!!


  3. Good and Bad both co-exist. Some people can only do nasty things. While some are TOO KIND to even dream of doing or saying something bad. You are a Good Girl. Be Happy and Grateful for your good upbringing.


    1. Thanks Cattie. More love to you. 💜


  4. sanjays20 says:

    Good & Bad co-exists.
    Superb well written khushboo dear😘

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