Let’s talk


I recently came across a lot of posts by some of my fellow friends at WordPress in which they randomly pick up one topic or question and likewise we all readers answer them according to the same with our own perspective. The thing I really like about this ‘Let’s talk’ is that it comes out as a mini chat show sort of stuff which is fun since we all get to know what other people think about certain things and what is our stand regarding their perception which provokes us to form an opinion about something and we get know people as to who they really are in person by listening to their stories and stuff. This fascinated me a lot so I thought why not I introduce one on my blog too. Hence, here I’m. 


What’s your take on life? How do you percieve your life? What is your ambition? 

Y’all are welcome and please feel free to throw in your opinions and a little bit about yourself.


And then it was Winter


I whiffed apathy and seclusion from what was left, right and everywhere like a skunk giving off it’s noxious smell. 

It was Winter.

All of this seemed one malarkey when it rained that day. It was tough to swallow the fact that it was raining, in Winters. It rained so heavily that everything I believed or heard or saw made no sense as world around me grew perturbed, more and more with every whiff I took.

Life on 21 December, 2016


It’s 4 in the morning and I haven’t slept the whole night for reasons I’m not aware of. Since the very first day of my college, I have inculcated this inappropriate schedule which I know is taking me towards the worst but I can’t help it. I just can’t sleep at night and then whenever the clock strikes 6 a.m. I sleep like anything till 3 in the afternoon. Everybody is quite not happy with this schedule of mine, I get mocked every now and then. It’s not that I like this schedule or anything, I am just too droopy to work on myself or anything for that matter. I try but laziness takes the better of me and then I just give all of me to it.

Location:: Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi

10 days from today, it’ll be 2017. I was always excited about new years but this time it’s different, I just don’t feel like doing anything, not that I don’t want to involve myself in something but festivals now doesn’t interest me. Maybe, it’s because I’m growing older and letting go of everything which used to make me happy or for which I used to get all excited. 2016 went real quick just like all the years. A lot of things happened and I want to post about what all happend and stuff but I just leave writing mid way and continue the same after a gap of like a week or even more than that which completely tears the essence of what I was writing. I’ll try to work on myself, I know how fallacious it sounds but there’s still a tiny bit of hope which keeps me clinging onto myself. 
Let’s see how it goes. I know nothing will be new but just a change of number.