World is one weird place

​I realized five things yesterday. 

1. Delhi University is capable of giving you mini heart attacks every now and then by circulating shitty circulars.

2. Kodaline is such an underrated band.

3. I have the ability to sleep for 11 hours straight and then a little more.

4. If you wake up in the middle of the night, there are 86% chances that someone was staring at you.

5. There is this page with username on Instagram, entirely dedicated to vaginas. I mean, how cool is that? 


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  1. LOL
    My son is expert in no 3
    AND no 5… well that really got me chuckling

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    1. I know right? I find that page fascinating for celebrating female bodies so freely and stuff which at times can be funny.

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  2. Rob Alberts says:

    Weird or nice?
    Vredige, veilige en voorspoedige feestdagen!

    Vrolijke groet,

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    1. Sir, I didn’t understand what you just said because of the language.
      Pardon me.

      And I would say, weird since it always surprises be it good or bad.


  3. Ellen Hawley says:

    Agreed: One weird place. Not–mind you–that I have a point of comparison.

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  4. Lol 😁
    I wondered about point 4…and that 5th one was weird. And that account has got 55k something followers.. That was much weird. 😂 😂

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    1. I found nothing weird in that account, female bodies are beautiful. Much love. ❤

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  5. funnyman says:

    Finally I saw someone who has listened to kodaline? How did you find them? Also, what’s your favorite song by kodaline?

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    1. Kodaline is one such band out there who really didn’t give into pop culture when they started producing music. I really like their song ‘high hopes’.

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      1. funnyman says:

        There is a channel on youtube, ‘mostlystrings.’ I found kodaline there. Do check it out.

        High hopes is really good. Do listen to all i want and talk also.


      2. I have legit stalked Kodaline everywhere possible. Also, yes I will. Thanks.

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