A smiling stranger 


So this happened today. 

I boarded one e-rick to get to the metro station to meet some of my very old friends. It was 9 in the morning and was freezing cold. This girl in the picture was sitting right in front of me with her friend. And since I have this really awkward habit of gnashing my teeth for no good reason whatsoever which she mistook as shivering, she abruptly asked me if I was okay and stuff. I said, yes and wasn’t able to make out the reason as to why she asked me the question until she held my hands and said, you’ll be fine my hands are warm.

*Died a little, there.*

We talked and she never stopped smiling even when I gave her condescending looks on coming face to face with the fact that she was a third year student doing Maths honors from Miranda House because Maths and generosity never got along quite well in the history of human behaviour but there she was, adorably balancing both the things. And guess what? Mummy was wrong, not all strangers are bad and you should never ever miss a chance to interact with people who are complete strangers. Also, I was about to thank her but she got off. I kind of miss her already. A stranger who is a friend? Yes.

Another such thing happened when I was on my way back to my hostel, a random uncle just smiled at me like when elder people smile on encountering a little kid in the metro or shopping complexes, just like that. 

Delhi isn’t that bad after all. 

Life is good.


Looking back, one last time


A picture of me stepping (kind of marching forward) down. Location:: Triund, Himachal Pradesh

That is the thing about life when you try to recall what all happened, you only remember the things that changed you as a person and somehow made you what you are today. 2016 was incredible and by far one of the best years. I got to learn, meet people, travel places, college and everything new. I have started living on my own terms since I’m all by myself in the new city altogether. 2016 feels like yesterday, just like all the years. It taught me how to manage stuff be it studies, travelling, food and expences. I have started realising the worth of all the friends back in school and home who were always there for me and still are but I took them for granted. I’m sorry. I have also started giving people more time and hopefully, will continue to do so. Living away from home is very tough but this made me understand what place my family hold for me in my life. My goals and ambitions are still not clear but I’m not thinking or stressing myself about that. I’m just going with the flow. Let’s see what life has in store for me. 

2016? You were good. Thank you for making me understand this thing called life and for all the happy/sad times, they are mine to remember. Forever greateful. 

2017? I’m all yours.

Happy New year, everyone.❤