When my college was a FIRE


21st February, 2017

When my college (Ramjas) was nothing less than this movie, The Dreamers.

From switching off the power and locking the students and professors inside the conference hall to actually throwing stones from outside onto us and beating the unarmed students and teachers are some of the traits of two student organisations namely ABVP and DUSU. Both the parties can go on and on without even bethinking that whatever they are doing in order to stop something which according to them is “anti national/ist”, they are in many ways contradicting themselves despite the fact that all we wanted was to have a peaceful discussion. Oh, but politics is all about goons and morons I guess. I was not shocked or taken aback since what more do you expect from goons who indulge in party politics for mere self goals and use muscle power to stop something which isn’t going their way. You know what is funny? We weren’t even planning to howl “anti national” slogans so please don’t give me that. Anyway, all of this takes us to three questions.

-Are they going to change? I don’t think so.

-Do they think before beating someone up or taking law in their hands? Um, No but I maybe wrong (which I doubt).

-Do they have this amazing thing called brains? No and I’m not doubtful about this, at all.

Also, I am happy that I didn’t vote for my college’s student union since it’s better to vote for some other union than to vote for someone who practice rather preach mendacity. We won’t let them murder our right to freedom of speech. Nobody has the power to take my college away from me. We are going to conduct seminars again and again no matter how many stones the contactor of politics throw on us. This is just the beginning, a beginning of a revolution. Jai hind, indeed!

21st February, 2017

When I was proud of my college and what it stood for. When my college wasn’t on fire but a fire itself. 




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