What’s home like? 


Do you think anything will ever feel like home again?

This, right there my friend is something what home to me is like. It doesn’t matter how many people you meet through out your life, what really matter is, you’ll be able to relate to each one of them in one way or the other. Mannerisms, issues, problems, past life, hobbies, mind set be it anything, the character of these attributes that you have in yourself is already there, persisting very casually in glimpses or bundles in someone else. Like, doesn’t it fascinate you? You meet way lot of people who are very different from what you are but you will be able to similarise with them in something that can be day to day happening for you but life to them. Something that can be mundane to them but made you what you are today. It’s not the impact of that relatable thing that matters but the thing itself. And I think, that’s what home is. Nothing can ever feel like home again if you are not able to turn strangers into friends. Nothing can never feel like home again but home itself. 

People are home. 

Aren’t they?