To be or not to be?


I’m writing this while R.I.P To My Youth by The Neighbourhood plays in the background. I could see from the corner of my eye that my brother is in no mood of studying since I’m home after quite a long gap and he couldn’t wait for his pre-board exams to get over so that he can get back to bombarding me with his questions about my college life and the city I go to study in, memories of which are getting obsolete day by day but to him, the same city promises a new obscure world, where he despirately wants to belong. I could hear him talking and how he has now moved on to complaining about the amount of chocolate powder my mother has the habit of putting in our milk which according to him isn’t of appropriate proportion. Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve written something about myself or my life on my blog. I don’t know what caught me off gaurd in the past few months but I didn’t feel like writing anywhere, anything at all. Maybe, I was busy having the time of my life or maybe I was busy trying to convince myself that I was infact having the time of my life, probablity of either of the things happening seem negligible to me if I think of it now. Nothing sort of out of the box happened in the past few months. I had my cousin’s engagement in September and my exams in November so was occupied with that, else everything in between – about October is a distant blur to me which I don’t want to remember not because something horrific or exiciting happened but because nothing really happened. I was probably busy with the annual stage play of the Dramatics society of my college in which I’m handling the production work. I wanted to attend my cousin’s marriage but wasn’t able to make it because of my exams. I wish I was there, why am I always the one who misses all the fun? Life is unfair sometimes or maybe my schedule is. Anyway, now that I’m home, I’m trying to make myself indulge in things I have lost track of. Things, I used to love doing at some point in my life. Here’s ending my rant about how big an inconvenience my life is or had been (in the past few months) with a promise that I’ll try to be as regular and as frequest as possible on my blog, as if anybody actually reads whatever that I rant.

Love, xo.