I started my blog around June of 2015 and since then I haven’t even touched anything related to its appreance let alone customizing. Now that my exams are over and I have so much time on myslef that I spend half of it in sleeping and rest by scrolling past memes, which reminds me that I’m finally changing my pg and my new pg is amazing and spacious and a little less annoying. I am just worried about the shifting process otherwise I’m okay with everything. Since it has been three years that I haven’t changed anything about my blog I thought, I should because change is inevitable and necessary. Plus, I am literally bored with the old theme.  This time, I opted for Dyad 2 as my theme. I really like this theme since it is pretty subtle and doesn’t disclose a lot about me which I think is going to provoke everyone to fondle upon the posts. I also spent a large span of time on focusing on detailing of my blog. Thinking of changing and deciding fonts, header image and various other settings is way more easy when you sit to actually do the same. I had real trouble in previewing the themes while trying different ones. I am at least glad that I am not wasting my time and utilising it pretty propely like humans. Please check out my blog and tell me in the comments, what you think about the new theme? 

See you around, xo. 


Let’s talk


I recently came across a lot of posts by some of my fellow friends at WordPress in which they randomly pick up one topic or question and likewise we all readers answer them according to the same with our own perspective. The thing I really like about this ‘Let’s talk’ is that it comes out as a mini chat show sort of stuff which is fun since we all get to know what other people think about certain things and what is our stand regarding their perception which provokes us to form an opinion about something and we get know people as to who they really are in person by listening to their stories and stuff. This fascinated me a lot so I thought why not I introduce one on my blog too. Hence, here I’m. 


What’s your take on life? How do you percieve your life? What is your ambition? 

Y’all are welcome and please feel free to throw in your opinions and a little bit about yourself.

Book review: Lajja (Shame) by Taslima Nasrin


Yesterday, I was half way through “Lajja”. I wanted to finish it in like four days but could not as I left it mid way because I was busy.


Anyway, the book starts with a beautiful line which reads “Let another name for religion be Humanity” The best part of this book is that the author, Taslima Nasrin wrote it in just seven days. I mean, can you freaking believe that? Lajja revolves around the riots in India led by demolition of Babri masjid (a sacred Muslim mosque) on 6 December, 1992 which thereafter led to tumult and uprising of Muslim majority over Hindu minority in Bangladesh. This book is a clear description like portrait of what religious extremism can cause, if not controlled. The story is full of incidents, facts of what really happened in Bangladesh in form of conversation among characters. Although, I felt a bit riled and irritated because of the existence of incidents like rape, destruction, violence, injustice etc. being mentioned in bullet-points sort of format. All in all, the story is agitatedly realistic and keeps you on your toes till the last page.
Facts about the book:-
1. Author Taslima Nasrin wrote this book in just seven days.
2. According to her, Lajja is a document of our (People of Indian subcontinent) collective defeat.
3. Book was published in 1993 in Bangladesh and sold over 60,000 copies before it got banned by government for the reasons best known to them.
4. Since the book tackles the injustice and violence on Hindu minority by Muslim majority in Bangladesh, a remand was issued against the author and reward was offered for her death. But none of these things shook her battle against religious persecution, genocide and man’s inhumanity to man.
5. The book was originally written in Bengali which later was translated by Tutul Gupta.
Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)